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Share Your Wedding Plans with Your Own Blog

Your wedding day is certainly a wonderful event in your life. Since you get married once in a lifespan, you need to pre-plan your wedding day to make sure it will be memorable for the rest of your life. One such way to make your wedding feel extra special is by starting your own wedding blog.

A typical blog consists of a series of articles with visuals and video written and dated in a sequential order. You can share your blog (and thus your special wedding) with the world via the Internet. Besides wedding blogs, you probably have run across many other types of blogs such as: fashion blogs, sporting events blogs, scientific blogs, pet blogs, and so on. Your wedding blog is one of these “types of blogs.” Most brides schedule time into their wedding planning to use a blog to assist in their planning of “to do lists” and to have their special friends and guests participate in online discussions via your blog. When I needed to find wedding music in California, I asked my guests to leave their comments and recommendations after my blog post.

A common question I hear a lot is, “Why do I need my own wedding blog when I already have a wedding coordinator to support me?” What an excellent question! Your wedding blog can assist you in planning your wedding more effectively and resourcefully. More notably, it will serve as an interaction channel between you, your family members, friends and guests. Your acquaintances and attendees can discuss the progress of the wedding planning with you; they can offer you advice and guidance based on their experience; you can also communicate with many other people online who are enduring the same task. You might find more in-depth ideas and answers by browsing the blogs of other brides.

You should launch your blog prior to mailing out your wedding invitations, conceivably closer to mailing your “Save the Date” invitations, so that guests and family members can go to your blog for travel details and for any new information about your wedding plans.

It’s possible that your blog becomes popular with other brides because the information that you provide serves as an in-depth international wedding guide.

Lastly, you don’t require advanced computer or design skills to create your blog and to write informative posts. All you need is a common familiarity with computers and the Internet and you can establish your own blog in less than a half-an-hour. You can use free blogging services and platforms such as and You can also find special wedding sites that allow you to setup your own wedding blog. These are all free services so you don’t have to dig into your wedding budget.

Even after your wedding day has ended, your blog will resemble a charming “diary” and journal of all the special moments and decision-making prior to your special day.

Marriage is a special event in your life, filled with emotion and passion. Tracking all of those special moments is just as important. So use a blog to share your wedding planning activities and the special moments that you experienced during your wedding ceremony.

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