Car Grooming Hawera – Car grooming should be taken seriously, for it is what keeps your car looking good. Proper car grooming means spending extra on the following for regular washing: a two-bucket system and two high quality synthetic wash towels. Also invest in a wheel and tyre brush (and an adjustable tyre brush), a fine washing towel and, if you want, a spray bottle for detailing sprays and wax.


The basic grooming products include a two-bucket system and one or two wash towels. Two-bucket systems consist of a bucket for washing the wheels, a separate wash towel for the seat cover and the wheels themselves and an optional dryer hose for drying leather. Wash towels are designed to absorb a large amount of liquid but still leave the cleanest finish. There are two types of wash towel available: synthetic and leather. The synthetic ones are great for use in cars with leather interior; leather wash towels are better for use in cars without leather interior.

Synthetic materials are usually made of rubber and therefore offer a bit of protection against dirt and stains. However, they also dry very quickly which means that washing time will be increased significantly – especially if you have an older car or a car with a leather interior. One way to get around this problem is to use a second wash towel and use that to dry leather seats.